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June 2011

Two incredible guests this week. First, relationship expert and matchmaker extraordinaire Dr. Frankie Bashan doles out some much needed advice for all you lovers, lovers-in-training and broken-hearted-but-vaguely-remember-what-love-is-ers. Next up, filmmaker Susi Graf points her camera at LGBT homeless youth as she and Ken forge a

Dear Dr. Frankie,  In November, 2010 I met a woman who I began dating and spending a lot of time with. We talked about moving in together after dating about a year. Suddenly in February she stopped calling me and wouldn't answer or return my calls.

Dear Dr. Frankie, Is love at first sight possible? I feel like that has happened to me recently, so far everything is going well with the woman I'm dating. We felt the same way the moment we saw one another. However, none of my friends believe

Dear Dr. Frankie I'm single now and it's been less than a month since my last girlfriend and I broke up. I am just coming back into my Self and feeling happy again: I'm cleaning house, working out, finishing personal projects, redecorating, and enjoying my friends.

Dear Dr. Frankie,  I’ve been dating a woman who has two children from a previous marriage. We’ve dated for about eight months now and I really care about her and I could see a future for us. The only reservation I’m having is that I’ve never