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December 2012

Dear Dr. Frankie,

I am 52 yrs old and just coming off a 30-year relationship so I am unsure of the dating rules. I spoke with one of my younger friends (male because I don't have any close lesbian friends yet

Dear Dr. Frankie,

I'm 33 years old and somehow I've managed to completely avoid love and relationships. It was easy to avoid getting emotionally involved with men since I never felt any true connection. One of my biggest problems now is trusting someone enough

Dear Dr. Frankie, I'm currently single and putting myself out there in the dating scene. My problem is that I can't seem to find the type of women I'm interested in. I'm looking for someone professional and well rounded. Not sure if that makes sense but

Dear Dr. Frankie,

It's been almost a year since my last girlfriend. I am super affectionate, outgoing, and seemingly doing all the right things in life. I have a constant influx of opportunities with very eligible men. However, when it comes to women,

Dear Dr. Frankie,

I came out of a three year relationship with an ex who was a substance abuser and bi-polar. I am now in a happy, loving relationship of five months. I hope I get to spend the rest of my life

Dear Dr. Frankie,

I am indeed a lesbian and very proud of it. I was a victim of childhood abuse so there was no way I felt remotely safe coming out to family. My parents were actually the abusers and we now have no

Dear Dr. Frankie,

I have been having a hard time letting my ex girlfriend go. All I do is think of her everyday; I thought she wanted me as much as I wanted her. She wants no part of me now and I don't

Dear Dr. Frankie, I am a first time reader and advice seeker. I am incredibly in love with my girlfriend of one year. We were very good friends for 8 years before she confessed her feelings for me, and we pursued this thing called love. We

Thank you and congratulations! Thank you to all who voted and inspired others to vote.  This was a historic election for America and especially for the LGBT community of this great country.  Barack Obama became the first president to win reelection while supporting marriage equality.  History