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March 2014

Dear Dr. Frankie, How do my partner and I overcome lesbian bed death? -Stone Cold Dear Stone Cold, Start by focusing on intimacy rather than sex. Give her a foot massage; take a bath together, reconnecting physically without the pressure of sex will lower both of your anxieties.

Dear Dr. Frankie, How do I charm a femme? -Butch Seeking Femme Dear Butch Seeking Femme, Great question! Here are a few simple tips: Take initiative, be assertive and confident! Confidence is sexy! I've noticed that women, from butch to femme, all want to be pursued. This goes ESPECIALLY for

Dear Dr. Frankie, How much time is enough time so a new relationship isn't a rebound one? -Movin On Dear Movin On, You ask a really good question that isn't easy to answer in a couple of sentences but I do feel it depends a large amount on the condition of your

Dear Dr. Frankie, How do I charm a butch? -Femme Seeking Butch Dear Femme Seeking Butch, As a femme I'm sure you know how to get your "sexy on". I recommend you show up at an event where you know she'll be, wearing an outfit you feel sexy in.

Dear Dr. Frankie I am a beautiful middle-age femme that has just (2 years) come out of a long relationship.  I would like to meet someone but I don't know how to begin. Please help!!! -Recently Single Dear Recently Single, I would recommend you start by changing things up

Dear Dr. Frankie, I'm 40 and am attracted to slightly femmey women but all the single ones seem to have children and I'm not down with that. Please tell me I don't have to wait until their kids are grown! I've been looking for five years

Dear Dr. Frankie, I'm transgendered, M2F, I have not started to transition. I am not quite sure how to begin. Can you help? -Considering Transitioning Hello Considering Transitioning, I would start off by doing your research.  That includes searching for information about the medical procedure, attending transgender support groups,