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March 2014

Dear Dr Frankie, I am a single Bisexual woman. I have been equally attracted to both genders all my life, however recently I have felt a stronger pull towards woman. This might have to do with my recent break up with my ex of nine years. I have gone to a local

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Dear Dr. Frankie, I think I've met a chick I really dig. We are still just flirting but I get a really good vibe from her. When I do ask her out I really want to impress her and hold her interest. Is waiting to have sex a good tactic for

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Dear Dr. Frankie, I recently had a breakdown at my doctor’s office for my annual pap smear exam and she suggested I seek help. That is very difficult considering I'm in the military and the records they keep. I was abused when I was about 5 or 6, and ever

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