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    August 2016

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading of various articles, books and blogs on all things pertaining to sexuality and relationships. Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be compiling some of my favorites, re-examining them in a new light and re-structuring them so you have a sampling of different perspectives on various relevant topics by experts in the

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    Sexual attraction is a basic instinct that helps us bond with others. Not only does sex provide a short term reward of pleasure, it also facilitates multiple long term psychological and physiological gains. Whether we’re in a serious or casual relationship, the benefits of lesbian sex affects our brains, our organs and our perspectives on life. Let's start with a small,

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    Ingredients for Finding a Meaningful Relationship Be Receptive Even if you’re looking for “the one,” be open to love wherever it comes. This means accepting a lot of dates and asking out a lot of people. Mrs. Right might arrive in a way you never expected and come in a package different from what you’ve imagined. Stay in the Moment Don’t think too far

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