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December 2019

Ahh…relationships.  When we get and receive love, attention, affection and emotional connection by being in a relationship, we can experience some of the happiest moments of our life.   By the time you are in a relationship with someone, you have invested your time, effort and energy into another person.  And when

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The only constant in life is change. No one starts a relationship predicting they will breakup.  The reality of life is that most relationships have a timeline and sometimes, someone ends up with a broken heart.  Here's how to stay unbroken after a break up

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Do people tell you that you're a "A Great Catch," but then wonder how you still haven’t found the right long-term relationship? You're not alone.You’re nice, attractive, intelligent, and successful.  You could have your pick of anyone you want as a partner. What if the reason you are struggling with

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