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    October 2020

    “I’m not gay, I’m fluid.” “I’m not straight, I’m fluid.” “I’m queer, but I’m fluid.” “I don’t like labels on my sexuality.” Sexual fluidity as a term seems to spike in popular awareness whenever a celebrity resists labels on their sexuality, but that doesn’t mean it’s a trend.    Whether you personally connect with the term “sexually fluid” and want to know

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    Lesbians and queer women can be more accepting than our heterosexual counterparts in a lot of ways – but many of us still have blind spots, and body size can be a big one. Particularly when we lead healthy, active lifestyles ourselves, we often want partners who do the same – who will go to the gym, get up early

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    Yale Speed Dating with Little Gay Book Dr. Frankie and the Yale LGBTQ Affinity Groups are delighted to announce “mix and mingle” virtual events.   We combine the power of two different technologies to make the magic happen. The events take place on the Zoom app with all dates happening in Break Out Rooms based on the algorithm of our proprietary smartphone speed

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    Though the numbers vary according to who you ask, bisexuals seem to make up approximately half the population of lesbians and bisexual women, according to a metastudy by the Williams Institute. Yet bisexual people are often questioned, invalidated, and erased. They might hear that everyone is bisexual. They might hear that no one is. They might hear that they’re not

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