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Lesbian Dinner Party

Lesbian Dinner Party

Single lesbians + 1 restaurant = Infinite possibilities

“Lesbian Dinner Party” is our newest lesbian dating offering: Less pressure than speed dating, more manageable than full matchmaking. Lesbian Dinner Party is a facilitated dinner party, in a relaxed local restaurant, with personal introductions by a matchmaker, featuring fun and liked-minded women.
An alternative to online dating and bars, Lesbian Dinner Party increases your chances of finding a match by connecting you with women that share your values, interests and lifestyle. Using our database of single women, we populate the dinner with women who are just your type. For example, if you like femmes, we’ll make sure the other women are femme. If you like butches, we’ll do the same. We hand-pick the women, make the reservation, and all you have to do is show up.

How It Works

Dr. Frankie and her team of consultants hand-pick up to 5-7 women from the Matchmaking Database. These women will have have specific compatibility criteria in common, including age, interests, lifestyles and gender expression of  potential mates.

Lesbian Table For Six

Diners will be introduced by a consultant and all dinner checks be pre-arranged (no awkward bill splitting).

Following the dinner, a feedback form will be emailed to you, allowing you to indicate who you’d like for a second date.

If you both indicate that you’d like a second date, we’ll email you both contact information.

Upcoming Lesbian Dinner Parties

Lesbian Dinner Party FAQ's