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Introducing Stephanie Serra, Our Denver Consultant

Our newest consultant and Fast Flirting Denver host, Stephanie is an entrepreneur guided by the daily desire for connection and pursuit of authentic curiosity.

She knows that sometimes gay clubs can be a bit loud and lonely, dinners with friends include the same group of women, and that it’s probably best to “swipe left” to online dating. Combine the connection and curiosity with fun and you have Dr. Frankie’s Fast Flirting events which are like play dates for adults without the timeouts for bad behavior (unless you ask for it).  By bringing The Little Gay Book mixers to Denver she is excited to help her hometown single grrls expand their comfort zone with new friends and maybe more.

As the great Freddie Mercury of the band Queen croons, “Can anyone find me somebody to love?”  The answer is “YES!”  So give into your own curiosity, make your own connections, and find out for yourself.

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