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New Online Speed Dating For Singles Across the US

During this time of staying home, we are excited to offer our popular Single Mingle Personalized Speed Dating event in a new online format.


A safe way to meet new people, these events are a TON of fun. By using Break Out Rooms in the Zoom Video Conferencing App and the same smartphone matching technology used during our in-person events, we remove the obstacles to getting face to face with a new friend and leave the rest up to you.

A lot can happen in 5 minutes, aren’t you curious who you might meet?!?

These events are open to all Lesbian/Bi/Trans/Genderqueer/Non-Binary folks.

*Until further notice all events are now ONLY online due to Covid-19*

How it works:

Using simple smartphone technology, we tailor the event to the age and “type” of person you’d like to meet. You tell us where your preferred date lies on the masculine-feminine expression spectrum, along with their age-range and we send you a smartphone message after each 5-minute round to meet them. We remove the obstacles to getting face to face with a new friend and leave the real connection to you.

After each 5-minute round, you will add “feedback” about your date (“2nd date,” “Friend” or “Business”). 24 hours later, you’ll receive a smartphone message with contact info for your matches. While it’s not full matchmaking, this smartphone messaging technology allows a more tailored experience than random, public speed dating.

This is a great chance to meet other people who are also looking to connect and these events are filled with great conversations, smiles, and laughter. Lots of date matches *and* friend matches – come check it out!

Schedule of Events:

August 13th, 4pm PT –

Singles 50 + 

Buy your ticket now!

August 21st, 4pm PT –

Femme Seeking Femme

Buy your ticket now!

August 27th, 4pm PT –

Butch Seeking Femme

Buy your ticket now!

Sept 3rd, 4pm PT –

All Gender / Queer Sexualities

Buy your ticket now!

Sept 4th, 6pm PT –

Los Angeles

Buy your ticket now!

Sept 10th, 6pm PT –

San Francisco Bay Area

Buy your ticket now!

Sept 17th, 7pm ET –

New York City

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Sept 24th, 4pm PT –

Singles of Color

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Yelp Reviews from previous attendees


“I recently attended a speed dating event, and so far, it’s been an enjoyable experience being face to face and talking to so many ladies…” – Tina G, Redwood City


“…Painless and, actually, way more fun than I expected, I found something enjoyable in each of the thirteen 5-minute conversation blips…” Lu K., Berkeley


“I attended my first speed dating event and I had a great time! There were approximately 45 women present and I had 12 dates. I made a bunch of new friendships and a couple of possible dates.” – Danielle, Walnut Creek

As the most successful exclusively lesbian/bi matchmaking agency in the US Little Gay Book’s brand of lesbian/bi speed dating has brought more women together, in more cities, in less time than any other matchmaking agency. In this era of passive online dating and detached texting, we get you face to face, with real conversations, real connections and real 2nd dates.

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