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Oakland: Lesbian/Bi Fast Flirting: Femme for Femme, Ages 30’s & 40’s, Sept 30th, 5:30pm

Are a feminine woman in her 30's or 40's seeking a feminine woman in her 30's and 40's? This event is just for you

So many of you have asked, so here you go: This Fast Flirting Event is specifically for feminine women interested in meeting other feminine women . If your gender expression is more on the feminine side of the spectrum and you want a partner with a gender expression more on the feminine side, this event is just for you.

Hosted by
Dr. Frankie Bashan

Hosted by Dr. FrankieFast Flirting is for any lesbian/bi woman wanting to meet women, make new friends or just have a good time. While we focus on dating, any woman wanting to expand her social lesbian circle is encouraged to attend.

How ``Fast Flirting`` Works

Incorporating 2 short answers (butch/femme type + age range) from your registration, we make sure you only speed date women who fit your preference. After each 5 minute round, you will receive a text message directing you to your next date. While it’s not full matchmaking, this text messaging technology allows a more tailored experience than random, public speed dating.

At the end of each date, you’ll add “feedback” about your date (“2nd date,” or “friend”). When two singles indicate the same level of interest, we email you both contact information within 24 hours.


SAT, SEPTEMBER 30TH: 5:30pm, DISTRICT OAKLAND, 827 Washington Street, Oakland

Reserve Your Seat

This event is likely to sell out as we have a limited number of seats. If you’re certain you’d like to attend, it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase tickets now.

Reserve Your Seat/Buy Your Ticket Now

Want to hear from women who have attended? Watch all these video testimonials

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