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    Love Can’t Be Locked Down

    When Was The Last Great Love Of Your Life?

    This pandemic has hit single people hard.

    Love life situations can be challenging

    to navigate even in the BEST of times.

    Now with many of us isolated in our homes,

    in-person dates are nearly impossible.

    Although some areas across the country are starting to reopen,

    many people are not rushing out.

    They are being cautious and waiting to see

    what happens with all that’s at stake.

    Let’s face it, even before all of this, just FINDING a woman

    you have a spark and mutual attraction with could be tough!

    Maybe in the swirl of intense emotions you’ve been tempted

    to rekindle with an ex, just to be disappointed with circular fighting (yet again).

    In case we haven’t met, let me introduce myself.

    I’m Dr. Frankie, a psychologist, relationship coach
    and the owner of the only Lesbian Matchmaking Agency exclusively for women in the country.

    With over 25,000 introductions over the last 10 years, I have one of the highest matchmaking success rates in the industry.

    My work has been featured on TV, Radio and Print, nationwide.

    Since my debut as the Relationship Expert on MTV’s “Are You The One,”  I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about my services.

    I’ve been speaking with a lot of women about
    how to cope with the realities of confusion around dating that have completely changed on us overnight.

    Featured expert on:

    And I’m here to bring you a silver lining

    to the doom and gloom.

    I’m here to help you make use

    of these uncertain times so you can tap

    into the best parts of yourself

    and unleash your passion,

    so you’ll know EXACTLY

    how to find and attract your match

    when the time is right.

    First, let’s talk about common things

    that might be dimming your light:

    • Hiding behind an important career that keeps
    you “too busy”
    to date so you can avoid
    putting your heart on the line

    • Labeling yourself as “shy” so you
    don’t have to talk to anyone new

    • Letting your maintenance go so you
    don’t have to invest in your appearance (okay – this is all of us right now –
    but maybe this was your pre-pandemic mode anyway!)

    • Holding on to your “perfectionist” ways
    so you don’t have to take big risks

    So let’s face it, you could coast like this just fine…
    cozy and “comfortable” for years.


    But there’s a little voice inside of you that’s trying to tell you:

    “Staying ‘comfortable’ is actually

    making me really unhappy.”

    If you don’t pay attention to that voice, you can go on this way for a really long time.

    Until, one day, being “comfortable” suddenly becomes UNBEARABLE.

    COVID19 Has Been Forcing Many To Go Inside

    (physically and emotionally)

    You have a rare opportunity to cocoon, change

    and transform old habits that no longer serve you.

    But let’s be honest:

    You can’t just decide to change your life, snap your fingers

    and make it happen.

    You need the practical tools and support to create that change,

    plus the confidence to put it into action.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned after over a decade

    of helping women across the country find their perfect match,

    it’s that there are MANY

    of amazing single lesbian, queer, trans and bisexual women

    that are looking for love right now, in this very moment,

    holed up in their homes, all around the world.  

    There are so many layers

    to the exact rare blend of qualities

    that spark that special kind of chemistry

    which leads to long term relationships.

    You’ve known this all of your life…

    The number 1 factor, for chemistry,

    across the board, starts with YOU.

    It’s Your Passion.

    That’s the very first binding ingredient

    to spark chemistry

    with anyone you choose.

    That is the foundation… and from there,

    it can get a little tricky! 🙂

    Queer Love Is Beautiful, Special And Nuanced:

    Self reliance is a strength. Coming out later in life can often mean long stretches of avoiding dating out of fear of being judged, or having little dating experience at all in life, or not quite understanding how to get dates in the first place.

    Skepticism is a skill. Protecting mentally and emotionally is essential in a world that doesn’t understand us. But sometimes it creates an armor making it hard to be vulnerable, which can have a direct impact on relationships and dating.

    Lesbian Culture is a support system. It can sometimes be tricky to navigate or even intimidating if you didn’t come out early, or if you are bisexual or a transgender woman. It can be incredibly lonely when it feels like no one understands or gets what you are going through.


    How do you take all of the qualities

    that make you special, and

    attract a really amazing woman

    that adores you and cherishes you

    for who you are? 

    How do you find a true partnership?

    Someone that is ready for a deep, lasting,

    soul quenching relationship?

    And how do you do it during a


    Here’s What Women Tell Me About What They Want…

    You want someone who you enjoy spending time with and talking to.

    Someone who is patient, kind, non-judgemental and maybe even a little edgy.

    Someone you are attracted to that lights up like the sun when she sees you.

    You want to feel like you can be yourself and not be judged.

    You want someone positive with a sense of humor that helps bring out the best version of you.

    So knowing all of that, where does that leave you?

    You have lived through challenging times,

    which gives you an enormous heart.

    You are filled with ambition, passion, and enjoy helping others.

    So Let’s Start Preparing

    Your Love Life

    By First Celebrating YOU!

    Let’s celebrate all of the fascinating,

    heart shattering, epic experiences

    that have made you who you are

    and that have brought you to

    THIS MOMENT in your life.

    There is so much to celebrate

    as a single queer woman on the path to love.

    Here’s the challenge (in addition to social distancing), there are thousands of fantastic single women in the Little Gay Book Matchmaking Database.

    Traditionally, the way they are matched up is through my matchmaking programs.

    I work with women privately as their matchmaker, providing them personalized tips, training, resources and coaching.

    I comb through the Little Gay Book Matchmaking Database, looking at all the different profiles, reaching out to potential women, and doing video interviews to find my clients incredible dates.

    In between their dates I give my clients direct feedback on how to make a great first impression,  how to carry conversations forward, we might talk about their non verbal communication, or I might share customized hair, clothes, and beauty resources.

    There’s so much happening behind the scenes  to help make their dating experiences absolutely fantastic. It’s a very personalized, very involved process,  that I’ve refined for over a decade to get the best possible results.

    Unfortunately, Matchmaking Isn’t A Fit For Everyone.

    On top of that, I’m limited to only working with a handful

    of women privately each year due to time constraints.

    That’s why over the years I created the Lesbian/Bi Single Mingle

    Speed Dating events, currently in 10 major cities and online across the country.

    I wanted to help women

    I couldn’t work with privately

    get matched up.

    But even without a pandemic, not everyone can even make it to a live or

    even online event and it can take a lot if you are more of an introvert

    to get yourself psyched up to attend a speed dating event.

    Plus, let’s face it, we’ve all got Lockdown Hair right now.

    I’ve been thinking of ways for years

    to get more women in the community

    connected and finding that special someone.

    With so many of us on lockdown (or about to have it lifted),

    this is a unique opportunity to learn some of the most helpful

    queer dating nuances and love coaching guidance

    that I’ve refined over the last 10 years in my matchmaking process

    I am so honored to share with you my very special program

    that bridges some of the very best of what I do in the matchmaking,

    relationship coaching and speed dating worlds. 

    It’s My Most Popular Program
    And It’s Unlike Anything Else That Exists…

    Drum Roll Please!



    A 5-Week Online Celebration Of You

    This is for lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer identifying women that are ready for love.

    This 5 week online group program

    is designed to celebrate how amazing you are

    while providing training to boost your ability to find

    and attract the kind of woman that you want

    to share your most special moments of life with.

    I’ve taken some of the most popular

    parts of my private Lesbian Matchmaking

    as well as Relationship Coaching process,

    where I teach clients how to build on

    their natural strengths, talents

    and beauty to magnetize

    fantastic women into their space.

    I’ve put all of that into what I teach in this

    5 week SINGLE, SEXY & QUEER program for you!

    My Matchmaking Process Is Very Powerful.

    Some women consider what I do to almost be like a magic spell.

    The moment they join love synchronicities

    start happening everywhere they go.

    In fact, it’s really common for my matchmaking clients

    to start immediately meeting incredible women on their

    own- in addition to me introducing them to women.

    That’s because the intention of our work is powerful,

    the space is clear, and often, I’ve helped them prepare emotionally,

    physically and psychologically to truly open their hearts to love.

    “People come in and out of your life and some people make a special lasting impression on you”

    “Dr. Frankie or Hitch is one of those people who will make a big difference in your life. Hitch has been my dating coach for over four months now. I am a shy, overachieving nerd who has trouble setting boundaries and of course been looking for love in the wrong places. Hitch has made a positive impact on my life by giving me a makeover (yes, I look cooler), increased my confidence, balancing my work and personal life and of course gives me advice on how to approach the girls. I am most proud to say that Hitch has taught me about life and friendship because I know that hitch is also my friend.”

    — Dara, Pharmacist, age 40

    I realized that this individualized process

    I do with many of my clients as it’s needed,

    often opens the floodgates

    for meeting women on their own-

    and that can be something I help you with as well!

    That’s why I created


    I’m ready to make beautiful things happen for you!

    The 5-Week Celebration Of You is designed

    to be fun, empowering, playful and safe,

    as we set you up for new love and partnership.

    My wish is for you to truly experience

    the vision of love you have deep in your heart.

    Are you ready to be supported in falling head over heels in love?

    Let’s go!

    Here’s How SINGLE, SEXY & QUEER Works:


    You’ll get access to personal assessments to help you discover your blind spots and unconscious communication habits, this is GOLD!

    You’ll receive 2 private coaching sessions with me to integrate your experience, and learn how to use your natural strengths to attract the right partner (and repel the toxic ones).  


    I’ll provide training, dating trends in our community, tips and resources for the week, and you’ll be able to ask me any questions. 

    Plus, you’ll get quality time to connect in private breakout rooms in pairs to share experiences and connect with the other women 1 to 1. 

    resources & PRACTICES

    You’ll get weekly exercises and practices, often customized exactly for you, that will have you feeling like the best version of yourself.

    You’ll have peer support and accountability to practice building new habits in small groups, where you get to meet other fabulous single women on the journey.

    It’s Super Easy, Fun And Powerful!

    “This was a needed social activity during the pandemic”

    “Prior to signing up, I was not making dating a priority and not knowing how to change this. I had stopped trying to look good. SSQ was empowering! The community was welcoming and friendly! I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the skill of practicing party for many reasons. There were practical tips that eased my resistance to recognizing my power to feel attractive again and enjoy being thoughtful about how I present myself. The most important part was that I grew fond of everyone in the program. I feel better about myself and have new friends!

    —Summer S.

    Not only will you have time

    to get your questions answered

    and get personalized support from me,

    but you’ll also be meeting and connecting

    with other fantastic single women!

    I’m so excited to get you all connected

    to each other in this fun way!

    Think Of It Like Having Me
    (A Clinical Psychologist And Lesbian Matchmaker)

    As Your Big Sister.


    I want to celebrate you, show you how fantastic you are, and help you look and feel your best!


    I’ve found that when women are feeling great about themselves mentally, physically and emotionally, we take bolder actions in life and become a magnet for what we want.

    Here’s What We’ll Cover Each Week:

    WEEK 1: Bringing Sexy Back

    Learn activities to gain mastery in increasing your self confidence

    Understand queer dynamics so you can feel sexy no matter where you fall on the butch-femme spectrum

    Complete a Lifestyle Questionnaire to help shine a light on your blind spots

    Learn the mindset flip that will address the #1 issue around getting dates

    Practice new skills to transform negative/automatic/unproductive thoughts

    “Was there something terribly wrong with me?”

    “After failures with online dating, the negative self-talk was building to a point where I was questioning my ability to attract women. I was struggling with early red flags to look out for and wanted to know where to meet people; what specific things to look for in finding long term, stable relationships and how to approach online dating. I longed for a sense of community in being able to connect with other like-minded, successful women that were also looking for the same things that I was. This program totally refreshed my perspective on dating. The section on “is it hormones or true love” was a powerful message in the training. I really enjoyed the breakout group time and how each week built up our confidence. I’m much more self-aware of my body language when out and about. Practice sparking conversations is now a focus of mine. I’m also more strategic in where to meet women as well. Thank you Dr. Frankie for putting your heart and soul into facilitating this powerful course, it was wonderful, fulfilling, and was managed meticulously. The quality and quantity of the takeaways was more than I could have ever imagined, all being delivered with a practical yet caring touch. Bringing women together from all over the country via an online platform is no easy feat, but it was conducted effortlessly. You will be invited to my wedding soon enough!”

    — Mary F.

    WEEK 2: Feelin’ Good

    • Learn super easy ways to highlight your best features

    Identify your body type and the best jean cuts/fits for your exact body shape and personal style.

    • Discover different ways to enhance your beautiful eyes

    Receive personalized tutorials that I’ll hand pick just for YOU taking into consideration where you are on the butch-femme spectrum and what looks you want to play with

    Explore skincare treatments and beauty, hair, and grooming products that will have you feeling for your best.

    • Get my secret resources for a wardrobe update/refresh (this is especially great if you hate shopping!)

    • Experience a safe space to celebrate and practice showing off your swagger

    “I had done a lot of personal work so wasn’t sure this was for me.”

    I also felt comfortable with my makeup and attire, and had worked with a private therapist, so I was hesitant to sign up. BUT, I wanted to meet quality women, and yet had proclaimed myself “anti-social,” saying that I value my time alone and using that as an excuse to not invest in myself or put myself out there to meet women. I decided, if I was going to do this, then I would be “all in,” and actually take action and see what happens. Positive results! I loved Dr. Frankie’s openness and honesty providing insight and tips. I also loved interacting with small groups. This surprised me as I’m not a group zoom person! I also loved the changes I made to skincare and clothing based on just this program! I have more confidence in myself overall. My close straight friend is also looking to date & she signed up for a high-end dating site, costing $25,000 for 15 months – and that’s the starting cost. I know that she is not getting nearly as much coaching, practical tips, insights, analysis as Dr. Frankie offered. I shared some things with her and she was very impressed! Thank you Dr. Frankie for having this amazing program, for offering insight, being real, and over delivering!”

    — Michelle J.

    WEEK 3: Are You Gonna Be My Girl

    Explore how to flirt during Covid through text, online, and Zoom, as well as in real life- and how to know when others are flirting with you

    • Practice skill building in a safe space around striking up a conversation online and in person with a woman you are attracted to

    • Learn this rarely discussed approach that will help you to never have awkward conversations online and in person

    Learn the secrets to finding where your Ms. Right is hiding

    Be challenged to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone

    Get clarity on if you are actually compatible with Her (or if it’s just hormones)

    Learn the 6 qualifiers for finding long term love

    Identify how you love when you are at your best (assessment)

    “I was missing out on so many opportunities to meet women due to my fear of speaking to them”

    “SSQ was a safe place for women to come together to learn how to put our best foot forward when seeking a healthy relationship. The weekly content and home assignments provided a wealth of knowledge. It’s not often you get the opportunity to work with someone like Dr. Frankie and I made sure I took a ton of notes. The process was very straightforward in a welcoming environment. The topics were absolutely amazing and I loved the breakout session exercises. I feel much more confident to talk to women. I took Dr. Frankie’s advice and complimented a woman at Starbucks on my way to work. She was on her phone checking her Facebook page and looked surprised that I spoke to her but she was really appreciative. We bumped into each other the next day at Starbucks and she waved! I am using this pandemic to continue to work on myself – I learned so much about myself in just 5 weeks and I plan to continue building on the foundation. You have to be an active participant in changing your life!”

    — Kim P.

    WEEK 4: Born This Way

    Complete a Support System Evaluation so you can have support for all areas of your life

    Learn how to work with and silence your inner critic

    Learn the steps to transform toxic thoughts to healthy thoughts

    Get practice trusting yourself

    Discover your natural relationship & communication behaviors so you can better understand future partner dynamics (assessment)

    Celebrate your wins in a circle of supportive women rooting for your best!!

    “I am making connections and new friendships even during COVID!”

    “I was lacking a sense of growing community and wondering how to find like-minded LGBT women. In participating in Single, Sexy, & Queer, I found it so much more enjoyable to meet new women in a learning environment because we were primarily peers and having a shared journey through the weekly topics. We had a chance to start getting to know each other without any premature focus on attraction. I really appreciated that! I loved being able to learn and grow with a group of lesbian women- and feeling part of the group! I appreciated getting to know everyone either through the breakouts or just seeing everyone each week.

    It became more comfortable and more fun with each session. My engagement increased throughout the program by doing each session’s homework and also through my one-on-one with Dr. Frankie. My social life feels more expanded. Thank you Dr. Frankie for taking such a respectful, intelligent, high-quality approach to the work you do, to the process of helping women meet each other, and to the work of creating a community and network of professional LGBT women.”

    — Marlise C.

    WEEK 5: SINGLE, SEXY & QUEER “Practice Your Skills” Online Pride Party!

    We will end our time together taking everything you learned and practicing your skills with high-caliber women like yourself, to prepare you for the real world.

    The SINGLE, SEXY & QUEER “Practice Your Skills” Party is a fun, invitation-only, speed dating party that will be a combination of women from the program and a range of women on the butch-femme spectrum that I’ve handpicked to sprinkle into the party with each woman in the program in mind.

    And to keep things fun, a little mysterious, and low pressure- you won’t know who’s been picked for you. That way you can stay focused on practicing your skills with each woman and if there’s a spark- even better! Regardless of what happens at the Skill Practicing Party, at the end of the program you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to find your special someone when you are out working your magic in the world.


    “I learned that I was not flirting!”

    “I get very discouraged with any kind of rejection and I had a sense that there were things I was doing or not doing to attract woman, which is why I signed up for Single, Sexy, & Queer. I loved the instant feeling of community and sharing experiences with the other women in SSQ. Realizing that my experiences were not unique really helped. There was a good combination of feeling safe while I was stepping out of some comfort zones. I’ve had total frustration with online dating. During the program, I learned I was not letting people know I was interested. I got concrete tools that have already changed how I am approaching dating which feels great. It really made a clear, quantifiable difference in my romantic life. Thank you Dr. Frankie for your straightforward approach to things. It felt really easy to get advice and direction from you, without a whiff of judgment. It was also obvious how much you enjoy what you do which was lovely to be around. Thanks for using all your skills and smarts to bring more love into the world :)”

    — Marjorie F.

    So Just To Recap, in the


    5 Week Program You’ll Get…

    ★ 1 month of my most popular and
    effective training on flirting,
    dating, and love ($1500 value)

    ★ Home assignments and accountability to integrate
    the training and practices ($750 value)

    ★ Q&A time with me to get your specific
    situation and questions answered (Priceless!)

    ★ Small group and paired up private breakout sessions,
    to connect 1 to 1 with women from the group (Priceless!)

    ★ 8- 10 skill practicing speed dates with quality women where you get to practice
    your skills in a low pressure, “real world” bubble of safety- so you can learn,
    bond, create lasting friendships, and possibly spark a love connection!
    All while meeting a mix of high-caliber women selected for the group ($5,000 value)

    ★ Receive personalized tutorials curated by me just for YOU
    taking into consideration where you are on the butch-femme spectrum
    and what looks you want to play with to highlight your best features ($1000 value)

    ★ Two private assessments to help you learn
    how you do what you do,
    why you do what you do, and what you do
    in terms of how you communicate in relationships
    (what you feel inside isn’t always how
    you are experienced on the outside) ($250 value)

    ★ Two private, 30-minute coaching
    sessions with me ($400 value)

    This program is inclusive of bisexual and trans women

    who feel a connection to the identity of “woman”

    and would like to meet more women.

    “I am a semi-recently out bisexual woman.”

    “At times I’ve felt like I didn’t belong in the Queer Community. In joining Single, Sexy, and Queer, I didn’t feel alone. Doing the exercises made me realize how often I avoid certain situations, interactions, and events and yet remained bewildered that I wasn’t meeting people I could connect with. I loved that I got to break out in groups with other women to talk about our exercises, the struggles we had with them, and the successes. The exercises and talking about our experiences with them pushed the accountability on me to make sure I was participating. If I hadn’t joined SSQ, I would probably be passively moving through life and the pandemic, casually dipping into dating apps and hoping that my perfect person would jump at my screen and we’d go riding off into the socially distanced sunset together. I now look at dating and meeting potential partners in a completely different lens. Instead of casually looking through dating apps and seeing who pops up, I go in with intention and a very specific mindset. Thank you Dr. Frankie for pushing me to not only look at myself, but to make me think about what is really important in my life and what I want in a partner. It was so much fun! I still can’t believe how much I learned and how different I feel after only a month-long program.

    —Melissa M.

    And That’s Not All!

    I am bouncing off the walls excited to be able to offer,

    for the first time ever, Curated Mini-Dates as a

    very special upgrade option to the Single, Sexy & Queer Program.

    A week after the Skill Practicing Party, you have the upgrade option to experience your very own “Most Eligible Bachelorette” virtual party, where you get to go on Mini-Dates with women that will be curated for you based on your location, age, butch-femme preferences, 2 deal-breakers, and 2 must-haves of your choice.

    I’ll take your preferences into consideration as I handpick women to be vetted for you.

    I’ll Be Giving You Gifts
    For Many Parts Of Your Life


    You’ll meet 10 women. 6 curated for love sparks that live in the closest metropolitan areas to you and 4 as possible great new friends and/or serious business connections.

    The Curated Mini-Dates upgrade includes a Private Preferences Call with me to help boost your chances of connecting with a match much more than the uncurated experience of Speed Dating.

    Curated Mini-Dates Are Not To Be Confused With My Matchmaking Services.

    My flagship, discreet, Private Matchmaking service is tens of thousands of dollars and we work together with me coaching and introducing you to one woman at a time over an extended period.

    Curated Mini-Dates has you meeting several women during one virtual event, which involves much less of my time- allowing me to lower the cost for you. This is the closest thing to my personalized Matchmaking services that I’ve ever offered- and I can’t wait to start curating Mini-Dates for you!

    Curated Mini-Dates are only available as part of a package with Single, Sexy, & Queer. I am only offering this for the women that have gone through the full Single, Sexy, and Queer program because I take a lot of pride in helping to make love connections. I want to know that you’ve done the work and are ready. Plus, it’s important to me that I know enough about who you are before I put the work into curating dates for you. I am so excited to help you find your match in this new, fun way!

    “As Jane and I are coming up on our second year anniversary – I wanted to take the time to thank you once again”

    For all the help you gave me during the time I was trying to come to grips with a fading relationship and preparing for a new journey of self-discovery.  The work of really diving into my own strengths, weaknesses as well as my desires for partner characteristics prepared me for a wonderful life with my wife of two years.  Being vulnerable enough to take a look at my own behavior(s) and how it impacts my relationships was a crucial element in helping me to find my true life partner. Thank you once again for your insights, provocative questions, as well as your kind, wise words.”

    — Susan, age 45

    I’ve been dreaming about getting you connected

    to other women, and sharing these secret tools

    and resources that until now, I’ve only shared

    with my Relationship Coaching &

    Matchmaking Clients.


    starts on September 29th.

    Here is the full schedule, we’ll be meeting Weekly on Tuesdays, from 5-7 pm Pacific Time.

    – Tuesday, September 29th

    – Tuesday, October 6th

    – Tuesday, October 13th

    – Tuesday, October 20th  

    – SINGLE, SEXY & QUEER Skill Practicing Pride Party is Tuesday October 27th!

    If you are unable to make the calls live, you can send in your questions in advance for Q&A you’ll get the call recording emailed to you along with the assignment. Assignments for the week will be emailed after each call.

    *The Curated Mini-Dates will be privately scheduled at a time that works for people that choose to upgrade.

    “I am living proof that Dr.Frankie and her relationship coaching skills are a tremendous asset to our LGBT community.”

    “Dr. Frankie is someone who truly cares about the happiness and well being of her clients.  She impressed me immediately with her ability to connect with me and as a result provided me with insight that truly resonated.  Dr. Frankie is thoughtful, empathic, and most importantly non-judgemental.  She was able to meet me on my level and responded in a warm and healing way.  She took the time to really understand the issues I brought up, even if it occasionally meant going beyond my 50 minute session.  I have recommended Dr. Frankie to several of my closest friends, and I recommend her to you without hesitation!”

    — Maya, Marketing Executive, age 43

    So How Much Is The


    5 Week Program?

    My top clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars

    to work with them privately.

    I’m going to share with you

    some of the very things I train them on!

    Plus, since this will be an online group setting,

    I’ll be able to do it for a fraction of the price.





    SINGLE, SEXY & QUEER  is $2500

    For The Full 5-Week Celebration Of You.

    That’s less than the cost of a couple of months

    of weekly private therapy sessions with me!

    PLUS I’m Giving An Extra Special
    $250 off for COVID pricing.

    And That’s Not All!

    I’m Also Giving An Extra $250 off

    for Registering With The Pay In Full option

    “Knowing what I know now, I would have paid even more for this!”

    “When I first signed up, I was nervous. I think all of us have had our fair share of experiences gone wrong that made us take the serious decision to invest in ourselves with this program. I was losing hope in finding a partner and was waiting on the pandemic to end to do something about dating. So I wasn’t sure if I would receive the value I paid for in this program. But I am SO happy that I did make the decision- I received a lot of valuable, life changing information. My confidence has definitely improved significantly, I don’t put myself down and instead reframe my thinking, and I make it a priority to take care of myself first. I loved the group coaching calls and the breakout room exercises which allowed me to talk with others an apply what we learned in practical ways. The process flowed easily despite my busy schedule. Thank you Dr. Frankie for believing in me (and all of us!). I sincerely thank you for creating this coaching program to help us prepare with dating even during these troubling times.”

    —Sylvia M.

    The Curated Mini-Dates Upgrade Can Be Added At Any Time For $5000.

    If you know you are ready for this kind of support now,
    then you can save an additional $1500 when you purchase
    Single, Sexy, & Queer and the Curated Mini-Dates as one bundled package.

    All of the fun with Single, Sexy, and Queer starts September 29th,
    and it will not be offered again in 2020.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wonderful community of gay women friends
    and maybe even someone extra special to share
    a romantic quarantine holiday season
    with during these crazy times?

    But Wait, There’s More!

    If you register by Sunday, September 27th,
    you’ll get 2 months of FREE MEMBERSHIP access
    to the Little Gay Book Private Online Community,
    so you can continue to be supported
    with the community of friends you’ve made even after the program ends.

    That’s up to $2000 in savings
    + Free Community Membership ($200 value)
    all for not procrastinating on what you want!

    5 week program

    Budget Friendly

    $750 x 3



    • 1 month of some of my most popular dating training
    • 2 Private Coaching Calls with me
    • Group Q&A time with me
    • Breakout sessions to integrate (and meet women in the group)
    • Home assignments to put the training into practice
    • Online skill practicing party with up to 10 speed dates
    • 2 Private Assessments
    • Personalized Image Enhancement Tutorials
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    • 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership (if registered by September 27th)

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    • 1 month of some of my most popular dating training
    • 2 Private Coaching Calls with me
    • Group Q&A time with me
    • Breakout sessions to integrate (and meet women in the group)
    • Home assignments to put the training into practice
    • Online skill practicing party with up to 10 speed dates
    • 2 Private Assessments
    • Personalized Image Enhancement Tutorials
    • -$250 off covid19 discount
    • -$250 pay in full discount
    • 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership (if registered by September 27th)

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    5 week program + Curated Mini-Dates

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    • 1 month of some of my most popular dating training
    • 2 Private Coaching Calls with me
    • 1 Private Preferences Call with me
    • Group Q&A time with me
    • Breakout sessions to integrate (and meet women in the group)
    • Home assignments to put the training into practice
    • Online skill practicing party with up to 10 speed dates
    • 2 Private Assessments
    • Personalized Image Enhancement Tutorials
    • 10 Curated Mini-Dates
    • -$250 off covid19 discount
    • -$250 pay in full discount
    • -$1500 bundled discount
    • 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership (if registered by September 27th)

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    Here’s What People Are Saying About

    “I feel like my heart is reset.”

    Before joining SSQ I was struggling with a less than optimistic view of dating. One of my favorite parts of the program was meeting the participants and getting an opportunity to interact with the women online in private breakout rooms. Now I feel more confident, not just in myself but in a new way – that I will meet a beautiful woman, recognize her, and be able to take that leap to start that conversation. I know what my heart needs and wants and what it doesn’t. People show you who they are in life. I’m paying attention in a new way. Heart and mind are open. I leave this program optimistic about my love life! Especially in the space we are in now with the world turned upside down and inside, I am more optimistic after the 4 weeks of quarantine with this program than I ever have been before. I also recognize the importance of having a lesbian network of friends and have started fostering this. Thank you for bringing women together!”

    —Dr. Lori

    “I came out late in life and didn’t date in high school or college.”

    “Trying to date on apps has been frustrating. I was constantly being catfished, ghosted, or women weren’t over their divorces or they weren’t truly committed to dating. Before signing up for Single, Sexy, & Queer, I had been scammed 4X in a 3 month period from texting women for a month with nothing to show for it like a phone call or video chat. I had a broken heart at least twice. Enter Dr. Frankie Bashan. I trust Dr Bashan explicitly. She is a World Class Dating Coach with a sterling reputation known for her innovative, creative work with the LGBTQ Community. Her Single, Sexy, & Queer program has so many smart, diverse women who were in from around the US and overseas who showed up to really work on their dating issues. I never felt anyone who showed up wasn’t there to work or hadn’t really shown up! All seemed willing to share their experiences, lessons learned, as well as failures, and had empathy for those of us coming out late in life! The program topics were interesting, engaging, and extremely informative! I enjoyed meeting women up close in the breakouts for discussions on various topics because it provided new ideas and solutions to others issues; helped you feel you aren’t alone and heard others stories and how they are problem solving. The 1:1 Coaching helped each person focus on their own personal issue. Having a Question and Answer Session with each weekly session helped to clear up things that might not be clear; dispel misconceptions. I highly recommend Dr Bashan’s Single, Sexy and Queer Dating Course and curriculum for those seeking better dating experiences, how to fix their mindset if having difficulty dating and those wanting innovative, creative, proven methods to dating!”

    —Leslie Bryant

    “I approached this as an investment for myself and my self-growth.”

    “Dr. Frankie built a community with everyone in the cohort. It was a very warm, inclusive, and eye opening. It was a comfortable and immersive learning process. I loved it. I especially appreciate the way the course is constructed and that all the women in the group are very supportive and open to share their experiences with one another. I feel more empowered and motivated.

    —Jo M.

    “I was dealing with a breakup from a long-term relationship.”

    “Single, Sexy & Queer came up at a great time for me. I was in the process of working on myself and was ready to make new connections with lesbian women. The format of SSQ for me was perfect. The material and information each week were interesting and thought-provoking, and the homework assignments kept me engaged without feeling like it was too much. I was exposed to information that I did not know about, which made me think about myself and my behaviors in new ways. I loved the comfort level of the group, and how that comfort level increased each week was a great experience. Talking through a lesson or a discussion point in the breakout room sessions was very helpful to help process the information and get practice at interacting with different women. I am more relaxed and comfortable in my communications and interactions with women I meet. The combination of the online program, online speed dating and online community have been life-changing for me. There is nothing like this anywhere!”

    —Cathy P.

    “I was depleting my energy and feeling frustrated with online sites.”

    “Thank you Dr. Frankie for putting the program together to help the community. Thank you for finding a way to do it in such a personal way by sharing your wisdom and expertise with the group and also with each individual. For me at least, that really built trust, and I enjoyed the program very much. I felt like I was being teased out of my comfort zone, in a good way, and it made me feel more comfortable and confident. I really liked the personal growth tools that were shared, and the breakout sessions to discuss them. I feel more confident and am willing to try new places to meet people as well as new approaches to actually meeting and mingling. ”

    —Michelle H.

    What are you waiting for?

    You have a beautiful heart.

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    “Dr. Frankie’s dating & relationship coaching was a game-changer for me.”

    “What’s so effective about Dr. Frankie is that she’s a no BS kinda gal. She told me the harsh truth about myself!! Point blank. No sugar coating. Sometimes it was hard to hear, but that’s why I wanted to work with her; to be better at dating and relationships. Her eyes definitely bulged at times listening to my sad tales, and immediately called me out on my $hit!! It was hilarious. The humor eased the pain of hearing the truth about myself LOL. After so many failed relationships and dating disasters, I took a hard look at myself and acknowledged my contributions to each and every scenario. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time of the coaching, but I wanted to set the stage for the future life I know I want. Several months after the coaching when opportunities in the romance department came up, I wasn’t slipping back into old patterns and was making the connections I so desperately wanted. Live your best life… if your romantic life isn’t what you want, do something about it. I’m grateful for making the investment in myself by working with Dr. Frankie.

    — Cathy, age 52

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    5 week program

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    • 1 month of some of my most popular dating training
    • 2 Private Coaching Calls with me
    • Group Q&A time with me
    • Breakout sessions to integrate (and meet women in the group)
    • Home assignments to put the training into practice
    • Online skill practicing party with up to 10 speed dates
    • 2 Private Assessments
    • Personalized Image Enhancement Tutorials
    • -$250 off covid19 discount
    • 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership (if registered by September 27th)

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    5 week program

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    • 1 month of some of my most popular dating training
    • 2 Private Coaching Calls with me
    • Group Q&A time with me
    • Breakout sessions to integrate (and meet women in the group)
    • Home assignments to put the training into practice
    • Online skill practicing party with up to 10 speed dates
    • 2 Private Assessments
    • Personalized Image Enhancement Tutorials
    • -$250 off covid19 discount
    • -$250 pay in full discount
    • 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership (if registered by September 27th)

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    5 week program + Curated Mini-Dates

    Best Support




    • 1 month of some of my most popular dating training
    • 2 Private Coaching Calls with me
    • 1 Private Preferences Call with me
    • Group Q&A time with me
    • Breakout sessions to integrate (and meet women in the group)
    • Home assignments to put the training into practice
    • Online skill practicing party with up to 10 speed dates
    • 2 Private Assessments
    • Personalized Image Enhancement Tutorials
    • 10 Curated Mini-Dates
    • -$250 off covid19 discount
    • -$250 pay in full discount
    • -$1500 bundled discount
    • 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership (if registered by September 27th)

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