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    Though the numbers vary according to who you ask, bisexuals seem to make up approximately half the population of lesbians and bisexual women, according to a metastudy by the Williams Institute. Yet bisexual people are often questioned, invalidated, and erased. They might hear that everyone is bisexual. They might hear that no one is. They might hear that they’re not

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    If you’re a lesbian, bisexual, or queer, you may already know how cis heterosexual ideas of how sexuality and gender work. But even when you have a more nuanced view of sexuality, some thinking around gender can be hard to grasp. For folks with they/them pronouns, their identity is as clear to them as yours is to you – but if

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    Butch is an intentional queer masculinity that can be expressed in hundreds of ways. Often, though not always, butch style is characterized by an attention to detail and incorporation of some of the more classic notes from menswear – as Qwear puts it, “Tomboy style is more menswear-inspired whereas butch style is just menswear.” There are also short- and long-haired

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    There are as many ways to construct and live a femme identity as there are femmes. Some femmes wear long hair, others shave their heads, and still others do both. Some wear heels every time they leave the house and others wear sneakers. Some are CEOs and some are welders and some work in pink-collar fields. Some are "girly" and

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