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Are you unable to get that relationship you’ve always been wanting?  Do you look around and somehow it seems everyone is happy in these great relationships?  Do you wonder why you’re never the “lucky one”? Are you tired of asking yourself when is it your turn?    If you can relate to this, then I want you to take a minute and read this

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When you find that woman you are interested in, you want her to be interested in you too, right?   And if you two happen to hit it off and you want to continue on in a relationship, keeping her happy and interested in you is key to having a happy, loving, and healthy one that lasts.  If you are wondering how to

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Regardless if you're just out of a long-term relationship, navigating co-parenting with your ex, or focused more on career than love, Lesbian Dating in your 40's isn't much different than dating in your 30's. What HAS changed, is the world around us. In just a few years, the rise of lesbian dating apps has changed how queer women find other women. From

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Want to know how to find authentic love? On dating apps, but still not able to find the love of your life? I understand. Recently featured on the Art of Authenticity Podcast, hosted by life coach Laura Coe, I highlight how you can find love in the era of social media and dating apps.

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