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We all have things we're more comfortable and familiar with sexually. For some of us it might look like strap-on sex with a long-term partner, while for others it might look like kinky threesomes. As long as you're practicing strong communication and enthusiastic consent, it's okay to be exactly where you are and no practice is better than any other.    But

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If you’ve never tried it before, or never had a positive experience with it, anal sex can be intimidating. For some of us, the idea of the butt as a source of sexual pleasure and connection feels taboo. For others, it’s something we associate with gay men, not queer women. For still others, it’s all about the poop, and specifically

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Is there a lesbian top shortage? A Lesbian Top prefers to take a more “active” role in sex, often leading the action rather than receiving it. Once you find a lesbian top, how do you date her? Read on to find out

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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, also known as female arousal disorder, is a clinically recognized dysfunction that affects approximately one in every ten women. It’s a condition that is very easy to overlook as it produces the same symptoms experienced from being tired, stressed, or from the aging process, mainly a low or absent sexual desire and interest. A mismatched libido

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