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Is there a lesbian top shortage? A Lesbian Top prefers to take a more “active” role in sex, often leading the action rather than receiving it. Once you find a lesbian top, how do you date her? Read on to find out

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Has spending time with your wife become tense and anything but pleasant?     When you see happy couples together, does pain sears through you as you realize that you and your wife used to be just like them?  And now… well, now you are anything but that.  And if someone were to glance over at the two of you, you know what

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When you find that woman you are interested in, you want her to be interested in you too, right?   And if you two happen to hit it off and you want to continue on in a relationship, keeping her happy and interested in you is key to having a happy, loving, and healthy one that lasts.  If you are wondering how to

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