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We all have things we're more comfortable and familiar with sexually. For some of us it might look like strap-on sex with a long-term partner, while for others it might look like kinky threesomes. As long as you're practicing strong communication and enthusiastic consent, it's okay to be exactly where you are and no practice is better than any other.    But

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If you’ve ever felt like there was someone you were “supposed to” be with or a way a relationship was “supposed to” go – and who hasn’t – then you’ve felt the crush of societal values. It’s okay to feel this pressure, but what’s less okay is letting it control your thinking and decisions. For some of us, this happens

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Lesbians and queer women can be more accepting than our heterosexual counterparts in a lot of ways – but many of us still have blind spots, and body size can be a big one. Particularly when we lead healthy, active lifestyles ourselves, we often want partners who do the same – who will go to the gym, get up early

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