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Lesbian Wing Woman Service

Wing Woman

We’ve all been there. You’re walking into a fantastic lesbian event or party and you wish you had a Wing Woman, someone to help you break the ice with that special woman who catches your eye.

What if you could call on a Wonder Wing Woman when you needed her? A confidant at-ease woman who could help you start conversations with attractive women?

Or are you the type who gets so caught up in conversation your Gaydar doesn’t register that someone is flirting with you? Or maybe you’re just tired of going to A-list events alone and wish you had a buddy to hang with?

Our new Wing Woman service has been designed for you.

A Wing Woman from Little Gay Book is a professional, gregarious, confident cheerleader who will introduce you to potential mates, join you at events and help ignite your dating life. Our Wing Women are interesting, fun and above all, focused only on you and getting you dates.

How It Works

Before you can meet your Wing Woman, we need some information from you.

What kind of event are you attending? How large or small? Do you anticipate lots of women of ‘your type’ or will your Wing Woman have to be extra sleuthy? Click the button below and one of our consultants will contact you to confirm. It’s all 100% confidential. Only you and your Wing Woman will know.

Request a Wing Woman

Want to choose your Wing Woman before you send us info?

While we are not an escort service, we’re happy to accommodate that request, within reason. Our roster of Wing Women is full of dynamic Femmes, Butches and Andros from their 20s through 50s who are attractive, articulate, funny and authentic.

Want to BE a Wing Woman?

Great! We want all types, shapes, sizes and ages. If you’re comfortable talking to strangers, love the idea of making women feel comfortable and maybe even harbor a secret wish to be a closet matchmaker, then we want YOU as one of our Wing Women.

Become a Wing Woman