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Dr. Frankie Lesbian Matchmaking Service has comprised a team of top-notch professionals to help you meet your match with Little Gay Book’s premiere lesbian matchmaking services. Don’t be intimidated. Our Psychologists, dating coaches, and expert networkers will guide you through the matchmaking process. They leave no stone unturned and no woman unapproached. You will be in great hands.

Frankie Bashan, Psy.D.

Lesbian and Bisexual Matchmaking Service | San Francisco Bay Area, New YorkDr. Frankie has specialized in working with the LGBT community, and specifically with couples and individuals with relational difficulties. After nine years of clinical experience Dr. Frankie sought a less formal and more dynamic setting to apply her talents. She followed her passion of connecting people and bringing happiness to their lives by becoming a professional matchmaker. Dr. Frankie launched Little Gay Book and quickly became the premiere lesbian matchmaker and bisexual matchmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Hawaii. Dr. Frankie helps wonderful women find through through matchmaking and hosting speed dating events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Shelley Simpson

Lesbian and Bisexual Matchmaking Service | San Francisco Bay Area, New YorkIt’s been said it takes seven dates to meet the one you really connect with. Shelley is here to reduce those odds. Working alongside Dr. Frankie since 2011, Shelley brought speed dating and lesbian mixers to Honolulu, Hawaii, increasing the community and bringing the women together. Now in San Diego, Shelley is bringing the new lesbian dating offerings of LGB to southern California. As a happy, former client of Dr. Frankie’s, Shelley is compelled to share the transformative experience of LGB’s smart and fun style of dating and matchmaking with lesbian community. When she’s not hosting speed dating, she is helping small businesses gain higher SEO, social media presence and building websites that attract for Small & Mighty Marketing.

Marina Garza

Lesbian and Bisexual Matchmaking Service | San Francisco Bay Area, New YorkMarina Garza is a business owner and social planner has a natural ability to connect with others. She plays an active roll in the Bay Area Lesbian community as a local musician and DJ. She assists in party and event planning and has a passion for bringing people together. When not working as a recruiting associate for Little Gay Book, Marina manages and runs “TagTeam Analysis” a music tagging service for music publishing companies.

Rachel Estelle

Lesbian and Bisexual Matchmaking Service | San Francisco Bay Area, New YorkSocial Coach, Author, and Speaker Rachel Estelle believes the most important step in your success is how you interact with people. Dating and Relationships are no exception, finding that connection with someone depends on how well you’re able to communicate your hopes, dreams, and desires. Rachel brings more than twenty years of experience with professional social interaction. She has had a diverse career path that has been motivated by her fascination for human behavior and social interaction. Through her company SocialMixology101, Rachel coaches entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to increase their self-confidence in social situations. As a recruiter for littlegaybook she looks forward to finding those who are willing to embrace new experiences, and meet vibrant people. Whether it’s improving your dating etiquette, starting new conversations with ease, or networking shyness, every situation is an opportunity to improve your social skills.

Alexis Fish

Alexis Fish

Having produced film and television for the past 15 years, Alexis knows how to bring people together and make things happen. Focusing on producing media that makes brands stronger or puts them on the map for the first time, she is passionate about telling stories that captivate an audience. Fortunately for us, that audience has often been the queer community. She has lived in New York, LA and the Bay Area and is considered a bit of a Kevin Bacon in terms of her degrees of separation to pretty much anyone between the ages of 24 and 60. Alexis is always thinking about how to bring Little Gay Book matchmaking to a wider group of people and loves meeting with potential business partners and clients.



Michelle Lu

Michelle Lu, Little Gay BookMichelle Lu takes a real interest in getting to know people. She is passionate about helping others form meaningful connections. Everyone is different. Michelle’s philosophy is to help people find what they are looking for and experience fulfilling relationships. She has worked with Dr. Frankie in San Francisco, and has been living in DC for the past two years. If you are in the DC area, please contact Michelle Lu, LGB’s DC Consultant.